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[TS2] Train Signalling Simulation is an open source railway signalling simulation game where you have to dispatch trains across an area and try to keep the schedule.

  • The application in written in Python3 and used the PyQt5 toolkit
    • Multi-platform on Windows, Linux, OSX and others even...
  • The application simulates at present block signalling

  • Real-time simulation of a train signalling control centre

  • Simulations are file based and can be edited by users within the editor included in the software

  • Everything can be changed through the editor, including
    • scenery layout
    • allowed routes
    • timetables
    • train characteristics such as speed, acceleration, braking, length..
  • Simulation scenes have no limitation in size or arrangement


  • These docs are autogenerated from source code in the develop branch
  • The 0.6 series and latest develop branch is Python3 + PyQt5 only
  • PyQt4 and all Python2+ code is abandoned from 0.6 onwards

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